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5 Things You Should Know About Backups

Find Out What They Are

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What Does Downtime Cost?

How To Stop Throwing Money Away?

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How Safe Is Your Computer?

Are You Safe From Hackers

and Viruses?

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Virus Protection


One reason our Clients love working with us because we are so flexible and can customize our many products. We will custom tailor our services to fit what is right for you and your company. If you can’t afford to do without your data then you need to make sure you have a backup. We office many options that we will customize to Show the viruses who is boss!




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Why Outsource Your IT?

Studies show that for most businesses, it’s more cost effective to outsource IT than hire a full time technician. If your systems are running well, as they should, you end up paying a technician when you don’t need them. If multiple problems arise at the same time, you could end up with too much work for the technician to do in a timely manner – regardless of how skilled (and expensive) that person is.

With 911 Computer Repair’s managed IT, you eliminate both scenarios that stop productivity and kill your profits.


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